3/13/2014 - Make Extra Money This Summer: Have A Yard Sale

What's the best way to get cash for your castoffs? Have a yard sale! Here are some tips to help you have a successful yard sale:

* Join forces with your neighborhood. Have a multiple family yard sale.
* Variety of goods. A wide variety of goods will attract more shoppers.
* Choose the right time. Saturday mornings in the spring and fall are a good time - weather is comfortable.
* Advertise your yard sale. Make your posters with large, easy-to-read letters and place near busy intersections. You can also place fliers on neighborhood bulletin boards and/or buy a classified ad in your local newspaper.
* Plan ahead. Have quarters, singles, and five dollar bills for making change. Save boxes, bags, and newspapers for wrapping breakable items. Make sure you have enough tables to display your items. Collect all your items in one place to price and tag them. A good rule of thumb is to price your items at 20 percent of their original cost.
* Organize your items. For example, combine items of the same type on a table. Have a dollar table. If selling clothes, place them on a hanging rack and arrange by size. Also, if selling electronics, provide extension cords and batteries so buyers know the items are in working order.
* Donate leftovers. Don't take unsold items back in the house. Remember, the idea of the yard sale is to get rid of things.
* Last but not least - don't forget to take down the signs.

Written By: Common Bond

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