3/13/2014 - Protect Yourself From Fraudsters
Purse snatchers and muggers are still at work robbing people the old-fashioned way. But in today's world, you need to recognize the more subtle and sophisticated ways scam artists and identity thieves try to steal from you. Here from the Federal Trade Commission are three of the latest efforts to get your money:

1. "It's your lucky day! You've won!" You receive a letter, e-mail, or phone call promising lottery winnings or a valuable prize, like a cruise. But it's just a ploy to send money or to buy overpriced products or services. Hold onto your money - no matter how persuasive the scam artist.
2. "You've been pre-approved for an unlimited line of credit." Watch out for offers from telemarketers who profess no interest in your credit history and promise you a guaranteed loan. Anyone calling you with "easy money" is only looking to line his own pockets.
3. "Because you pay your taxes on time, you're eligible for a government grant. To get it, give us your checking account information and we will direct deposit the money." Hogwash! The only legitimate source of government grants can be found at www.grants.gov

Provided By: Common Bond

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